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Man Came Up With A No-Mess, No-Stress Method To Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn – it is good for eating and for making a garland for your Christmas tree.

Some people live in houses that have a popcorn ceiling.

The popcorn ceiling used to be popular in the 60s.

Today, most homes have a non-textured ceiling.

But if you find an older home, it may still have that popcorn ceiling.

Man decided to modernize his home by getting rid of his popcorn ceiling.

You can google how to get rid of it yourself, it seems like a time consuming (and even expensive process).

Aaron Rollins came up with his own method that requires a shop vac and water.

Watch the video and be amazed at how simple and quick his method is!

Take a look at this genius trick!

Even if you don’t have a popcorn ceiling – I’m sure you were impressed!

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