For most of us, dogs are cherished family members, loyal friends whose reward is human love and companionship.


Alas, one good dog in Oklahoma City was betrayed by those he depended on.

A sick and frightened dog was found clinging to life at the bottom of a dumpster after his owners mercilessly tossed him away and left him to die.

A kindhearted passerby brought the dog to the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter, where staff worked tirelessly to save him.

The hapless pup, now renamed Ralph, had such a ferocious case of mange that he’d lost nearly all the hair on his malnourished body.

Severely underweight, Ralph was covered with bleeding sores and wounds.


Ralph’s second chance came via Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue, which undertook his extensive treatment, supplied him with nourishing food,and gave him a new name and a chance at a new life.

When Ralph arrived, staff posted on the Mutt Misfits Facebook page, “We are completely and utterly heartbroken. His new life starts now.”

According to the rescue,Ralph was riddled with worms and parasites,which further weakened the sick, malnourished pup.

In addition, after subsisting on garbage scraps for who knows how long, Ralph’s calcium levels were dangerously disordered.

It was clear to all concerned that if the Good Samaritan hadn’t intervened, Ralph would have lost his fight for life.


Heather Hernandez, of Mutt Misfits, told news channel 4 KFOR, “Somebody wrapped him in some kind of gauze and then went out of their way to throw him in the trash, like a piece of garbage.”

Unfortunately, the heartless person who discarded Ralph is still at large,

To cover the costs of the extensive treatment Ralph needs, Mutt Misfits is asking the community for donations.

His body is beginning to heal, but vet visits and medication continue.

Ralph faces a long road to complete recovery, but the vet is confident that both his body and broken heart will make a complete recovery.

Ralph’s sweet personality is blossoming at the rescue, where humans and animals alike have come to adore him.


This good boy is well on his way to finding a loving new forever home.