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Hilarious Video Shows a Very Polite Cat Knocking On A Door In A Bid To Be Let In

Is there anything a determined cat can’t do?

When it comes to getting what they want, cats can be inventive.

This clever cat is living proof.

Sheekilah Jones had an encounter with him while waiting at her bus stop.

She heard what she assumed was a person knocking on a nearby door.

She glanced around, but there was no one in sight.

At first, she shrugged it off, but then she heard the knocking again.

When she checked the area, she still didn’t see anyone.

However, she did spy a black cat perched on a metal rail by the front door of a nearby house.

At first, she dismissed the cat as the culprit.

How could he possibly knock on the door?

She kept an eye on the cat, though, just in case.

What she saw next floored her.

The cat stretched up against the house.

He grabbed the knocker with one paw and used it to bang on the door!

Sheekilah couldn’t believe it.

The crazy kitty was trying to get someone to let him in.

He didn’t do it just once, either. He continued knocking.

The sight was so strange that Sheekilah pulled out her phone and recorded the whole thing.

She knew that no one would believe her without proof.

She considered helping the cat by knocking louder for him, but her bus arrived.

She had to leave without seeing if anyone let the kitty in.