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Traffic Police Spots Abandoned Piano. In A Matter Of Seconds Makes Move Going Viral

In full uniform, a traffic warden was wandering down a lonely, gloomy street on a dismal rainy day when he noticed an even sadder sight than the weather: a beaten-up old brown piano, left carelessly discarded on the side of the road. Stricken by the sight, the man walked up to the piano and lazily plinked out a few notes with one hand. Apparently, the piano was still in good working condition, and it wasn’t that far out of tune, either.

Image Credit: YouTube

Then, before anyone knew it, he’d added his left hand to the mix and was banging out a full-on boogie woogie tune! The cheerful and melodious tune instantly brightened up the moody day, making it seem more like the best time to dance in the falling droplets. The impeccable skill and talent displayed by the traffic warden was unprecedented and amazing.

Image Credit: YouTube

The man turned out not to be a traffic warden at all! Instead, he was Brendan Kavanagh – a professional pianist known in music circles as Dr. K. He’s renowned for his awesome public performances and loves taking videos of himself putting on public shows on his YouTube channel.

Dr. K has accumulated countless fans, and although none stopped by to watch this performance in person on the street while he played, he does it for love – not necessarily for an audience. Share away, people!