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Police Spot A Small Backpack On Pigeon. Cut It Open To Reveal A Nightmare

Homing pigeons have known for being fast and accurate flyers, they can find their way back to their “home.” Because of this amazing ability pigeons were often used as messenger pigeons. According to Living the Country Life, pigeons were used during World War I and II to carry messages across enemy lines.

Recently, Kuwaiti law enforcement discovered that drug dealers were using pigeons to carry drugs. Officers noticed a pigeon wearing a ‘backpack’ and grew suspicious. When they capture the bird, they found nearly two hundred tablets of ecstasy stashed inside the pack! Once news of this hit the internet, of course, some people couldn’t help but make jokes.

Take a look at this image

pigeon with ecstasy pills

Image Credit: Cass Lowe / Twitter

It is no joke, though, the birds are being exploited for profit. Ecstasy (MDMA) is illegal in many countries, but it may be used to help treat those suffering from PTSD.

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