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Police Officer Waddled In A Drainage Tunnel, And Carried A Shivering Creature Out

One afternoon on 30 April 2016, a woman named Peggy Edwards came across a little dog who was frightened by a passing car, running into a drainage tunnel. The puppy then got stuck in the tunnel which was around 20 to 25 inches deep. She and her companion tried to help, but were at a loss on how to do so without spooking the poor pup.

She called the Woonsocket police for help, and the local fire department sent Officer Joe Brazil in their place to assist the puppy. He took off his shoes and socks, rolled up his pants and waddled into the tunnel without thinking. The rescue was successful, and the puppy was brought to the local vet for a medical examination and clean-up.

Thanks to officer Brazil, Sese the puppy is now happily reunited with her family again!

Good people, are the kindest people.

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