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Police Officer Stops Hitchhiker And Give Him A Ride. 2 Weeks Later His Heart Breaks

A hitchhiker was stopped by a CHP officer named Nathan along Donner Summit. The hiker and the cop talked. The cop asked the hiker if he wanted a ride and he accepted. The two talked and laughed during the 45-minute trip. Nathan gave the hiker his personal phone number in case he still needed a ride later.

The hiker eventually made it home, and he texted Nathan to tell him. The hiker was thinking about how to repay the cop for his kindness. Then one day, he read in the newspaper that Nathan had been hit by a car and had been killed. The hiker is now sharing this story to tell people to be kind.

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hitchhiker and cop

hitchhiker and cop

hitchhiker and cop

Image Credit: Hrtwarming

Be nice to one another. He wants to repay the officer by inspiring other people to be kind. Make your life count, not by what job you have or how much money you make. Your life should be measured on how you help others.

Share away, people.