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Police Help Homeless Dad, Daughter Get Back On Road

James Schweikhard’s daughter’s school had noticed that she was arriving to classes late and appeared very tired, and when they found out why, they immediately called the police – but it’s not what you think.

Schweikhard was down on his luck in Oklahoma when he decided it was time to find a better life elsewhere.

So he and his daughter packed their belongings and moved them into a truck, then travelled across the country.

When the truck broke down in Denver, Colorado, that’s where they were fated to stay, so he enrolled his daughter in a local school.

The school came to find out what was wrong with the girl, who was repeatedly late and exhausted, and were shocked to find that she was living in a truck.

They called the police, who examined the truck and assured a nervous Schweikhard that they were just there to help.

And help they did!

Take a look at this video

Schweikhard and his daughter were sent to a safe place to stay while the truck was towed to a trustworthy local mechanic, who fixed it up for free.

Schweikhard has since found a job and in on his way to providing a better life for himself and his daughter.