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Police Noticed Kids Lying In The Field. What They Thought Was A Prank Ended Up Being A Genius Tip

What would you think if you saw this? A bunch of kids lying on the ground making an arrow. Funny game – right? Wrong. These kids were actually helping the cops catch some criminals! While out on an Easter egg hunt in Surrey, England, the kids all saw an unidentified man running along the side of the road, as if trying to hide.

Later they saw a helicopter flying overhead. They quickly realized the police were chasing the man they just saw! They tried to yell and scream, but the police didn’t hear them. So, they simply laid on the ground and pointed!

children form arrow

Image Credit: PA

The police, at first, thought it was a game – but they soon realized what it meant! The police were able to apprehend the man. They came back to the field and thanked the children for their quick thinking!

children form arrow

Image Credit: Steve Burton

The Easter egg hunt was a fundraiser for a child with Leukemia.

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