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Adorable Police K9 Won’t Get In The Car To Work, But Keep Your Eyes On His Owner

Going to work every single day might be a normal routine for most of us, but let’s face it: on some days, it can be a bit of a drag.

Usually, K9 officer Jango Fett has no issues hopping into the car of his Dad, Officer Ryan Costin, every morning, but today he’s not really feeling it. When his Mom and Officer Costin’s wife, Cassie Costin, said goodbye to them, she had no idea that a hilarious and adorable scene would soon unfold in front of her house!

Image Credit: N/A

It wasn’t long before Cassie got a text message from her husband revealing that Jango Fett simply didn’t want to go to work. She looked out the window and couldn’t resist taking a video of the funny pup’s antics and refusal!

Jango Fett was lying on the grass, staring at his Dad determinedly, and completely refusing to move no matter how many times Dad said to get in the car! He stubbornly laid on his back, looking resolutely up at his Dad.

Image Credit: N/A

As it turns out, all the pup needed is a little motivation. Dad bent down to give the pup a belly rub, and once it was done, he asked the dog to go into the car again. Finally, Jango leaped to his feet and jumped in. Good boy! Apparently, the pup is very active and this is such a rare occurrence!

We all need a little boost sometimes, even the most responsible and hardworking K9 dogs out there! Have a good day ahead, Jango Fett!