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Police Quickly Burn 3 Tons Of Cannabis Then Entire Town Starts Acting Strange

Cannabis. Marijuana. Weed. You know the stuff I mean. It is a very controversial plant these days. You can use it medically or recreationally. It is a psychoactive drug, addictive, and in the United States, is a controlled substance. You see this huge fire? The fire was started by Indonesian police. What they set on fire was Cannabis – about 3.3 tons of it.

What they didn’t realize (at first) was that the fumes from the fire could and would affect people in the towns nearby! Duh! They knew that the fumes would be dangerous to the people watching the blaze – so they had on masks. But no one thought to protect the citizens! Local hospitals were flooded with people complaining of headaches, dizziness, and some people were high.

Take a look at this poor reporter trying to report while the weed is being burned

Lesson learned, burning marijuana in massive quantities will affect people in nearby towns. Good to know – don’t you think?

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