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Poachers Broke Into This Sanctuary To Kill Two Lions Rescued From Abuse

This story just makes me want to scream in anger and cry with sadness all at once. Jose and Liso, two beautiful lions that had been rescued from an abusive situation, are dead.

They had been rescued, they were free to live a happy life – but attackers had ended all that. Jose and Liso had been former circus animals that were saved from an illegal circus in Peru and Colombia back in 2014.

Jose and Liso had been living at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary when the attackers cut off their legs, skin, and heads.

The attackers were most likely poachers that were going to use the bones for traditional medicine, and the other body parts would probably be sold as trophies. Emoya wrote a post on Facebook last week asking for patience as they recover and investigate this terrible incident.