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The National Anthem Wouldn’t Play, Students Surprised Everyone By Singing It Themselves

Even though “The Star-Spangled Banner” serves as the national anthem for the United States of America, few people would disagree that it can prove very challenging to sing.

Even many professional singers shy away from performing it in public.

But at most major sporting events, a professional singer is usually asked in advance to tackle this difficult song at the opening ceremony as a way to start the game.

If no one is available to perform live, a recording of the tune is played instead.

For the girls’ basketball team at one high school in North Polk, Iowa, they thought their solution was a good one.

Players Freeze National Anthem Song

They would simply play a recording of “The Star-Spangled Banner”, letting the fans join in if they felt like it.

But when the recording wouldn’t play as planned, team members, the referees, members of the school staff and the audience simply started to sing out in unison to perform their very own unique rendition of the national anthem.

Just hearing the power and strength of hundreds of different voices attempting to sing one of the most difficult songs ever made for a very moving experience.

With everyone singing these beautiful lyrics in unison, “The Star Spangled Banner” was brought to life in a very unique and emotional manner.

Players Freeze National Anthem Song

By the time the crowd reached the part mentioning “the home of the brave”, their voices had already begun to sound like a professional chorale.

The crowd’s rendition of their beloved national anthem was so good, few onlookers would guess that none of the singers had professional musical experience because it all sounded so majestic.

When the song was finally finished, this gathering of families, friends, team members and school officials all broke out in loud applause, providing a fitting opening ceremony to this high school basketball game that no one in attendance would soon forget.