Of all the citrus fruits out there, lemons might just be the most popular.

And it’s no wonder why!

These fruits are packed with properties that make them amazing for your health.

They’re loaded with vitamin C, plant compounds, and fiber – all that help weight maintenance and heart health!

But it’s not just eating or drinking lemon products that get great results.

Just placing a lemon on your nightstand can be all it takes to provide benefits.

Here are 7 reasons you should put a lemon on your bedside table.

1. Air Quality

Lemons add a lovely scent to the air that can help boost overall air quality.

If you have issues with strong odors or smells, this is a great way to alleviate them.

Good air quality makes sleep quality better!

2. Stress

The smell of lemons makes one think of clean places.

This can help your brain to relax, thinking of only pure and clean things.

This makes lemons a great form of aromatherapy, easing emotions and stress.

3. Insects

Nobody wants to have to deal with buzzing bugs.

All lemons have a large amount of citronellal, which is a compound that provides that citrus scent – and it’s a scent many insects absolutely hate.

So if you’re sick of the mosquitoes, flies, or other bugs bothering you at night, cut a few slits into a lemon and place it onto your nightstand.

Just swap the lemon out with a fresh one when it dries so it can work its magic!

4. Energy

Placing a lemon slice on your nightstand can help you greet the day with more enthusiasm.

It provides a great scent that helps boost serotonin levels in your brain, so you’re able to clamber out of bed at a better rate than before.

5. Breathing

Not only does a lemon help the entire room’s air quality, but their high antioxidant content makes them a great option for boosting your respiration.

Plus, if you inhale the citrusy scent of a lemon, you can actually help clear up congestion in your nasal passageways for more clear airways.

6. Concentration

Most people wouldn’t expect to need to concentrate in order to have better sleep.

Believe it or not, this is actually fairly important.

The brain may have a lot of rambling thoughts during the day, so it needs to concentrate in order to fall asleep without being disrupted by these thoughts.

The scent of lemon can actually provide healing properties to the brain, allowing it to better focus.

This, in turn, helps you to relax so you can sleep more deeply and wake up feeling more refreshed.

7. Mental Health And Physical Health

Did you know that lemons have properties that can be considered antidepressant?

They’re able to balance hormones to provide more smooth emotions, thus allowing for better, happier moods.

In turn, this great mental health can help keep your blood pressure down, so you don’t need to worry about conditions like tachycardia, heart attacks, or palpitations.

Lemons are a great, natural way to give the body a little extra help, so it can boost your health in ways you never thought possible.

Place one on your nightstand and you’ll be amazed by the difference!