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Pit Bulls Assaulted 97-Year-Old Woman In Her Garden, But Her Cat Leaped In Front Of Her To Save Her Life

One day, a 97-year-old woman named Sophie Thomas was suddenly attacked by a group of Pit Bulls that gotten loose, but her life was ultimately saved by her little feline, Tiger! She was out in her garden at that time, picking out some Dandelions – until 4 Pit Bulls surrounded the old lady.

Image Credit: MissWooHoo11 / YouTube

One of the dogs charged at her, but she had managed to deflect its attack by hitting it on its head, causing a temporary retreat. The other 3 dogs however, were snarling at Sophie. The dogs had belonged to her neighbor, Ann Daniels, who later explained that the 4 dogs had escaped via her window.

Image Credit: MissWooHoo11 / YouTube

Meanwhile, Sophie’s cat Tiger jumped in the middle of her and the dogs, using itself as live bait – this provided Sophie the chance to clean her wounds and escape. She then anxiously waited for Tiger to return, and thankfully, he did – unscathed! What a brave little feline! It is currently unknown if the 4 dogs would be surrendered to Animal Control as a result of the attempted attack.

Image Credit: MissWooHoo11 / YouTube

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