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This Pit Bull Is Crying Alone At The Train Station — So Heartbreaking… (Video)

One look at this poor pup and you can tell he isn’t happy. I will never understand why people think it is a good idea to abandon a dog. Some people take them to remote locations and leave. Other people tie them up in public and just walk away. The dog looks scared and sad – and for a good reason.

Some heartless person decided to tie up the pit bull mix at an East Sussex train station and just leave him there. Thankfully, an animal rescuer saw the dog and they were able to untie the dog and get him to a kennel. The dog was given food and a medical exam. Hopefully, the person responsible is found and punished.

Take a look at this video

The once unlucky dog has a lot of people offering him a loving home! Dogs and cats deserve better, they see you as family. Be kind and love your pets as much as they love you.

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