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Micro Pig Wants Some Love So When He’s Getting A Belly Rub? Turn Up The Volume To Hear It!

Not everyone aspires to have a cat or a dog as a pet. Some people prefer more exotic pets. I can understand ferrets, bunnies, and maybe birds. But having reptiles as pets is a little out there for me (I am not a fan of many reptiles). Snakes and spiders? NO way! But how about a mini pig? They say that pigs are actually quite clean and can make good pets.

I don’t know if I am convinced. I guess I am more traditional and prefer cats and dogs. The mini pig in this video is soaking up some love. I will never want a mini pig as a pet (sorry to all of you out there who love pigs and have them as pets). But, I have to say the little noises this guy makes are rather adorable!

Take a look at this!

He closes his eyes, stretches out to enjoy a belly rub/tickle combo! Cuteness overload! Share away, people!