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Man Snaps Photo Of A Stranger Saluting A Funeral In The Rain Then Makes Stunning Discovery

Being a soldier is something that stays with you for life. You may go off to war and fight side by side with other men or women. It is a community, brotherhood, a bond. The military salute is a sign of respect. You don’t salute the person, you salute the rank. Kenneth Varnes, a soldier, paid his respects to a fallen member of the armed forces recently.

He wasn’t in uniform, and he didn’t even know who the service member was. It had been raining heavily that day in Killeen Texas. But none of that mattered. Keith saw the funeral procession and pulled over. He got out of his truck and saluted. The photo of Keith taken by a bystander has gone viral. Watch the video below and hear from Keith himself.

Take a look at this video

Shout out to all military personnel around the world! Thank you for your service!

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