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Photo Of Cops Goes Viral After Mother Reveals What They Were Really Caught Doing

Police officers in Texas are being praised for helping an autistic teen.

On July 12, Sherry Lynn Hillard needed some help controlling her autistic son, John, who is prone to random fits of rage, and Sherry Lynn was having a hard time getting him to calm down – so she called for help.

The reason for John’s meltdown was that he didn’t have a shirt that looked like the one the host of the television show “Blues Clues” had on.

cops and autism

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Sherry Lynn went on Facebook to tell her story. Sherry said in her post that the six police officers had been to her house in a week to help.

She wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to share the kindness that the officers showed to her and her son.

The officers didn’t know much about autism when they arrived but were able to keep everyone safe and diffuse the situation.

cops and autism

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After the incident with the T-shirt, the officers bought a blue shirt, and with fabric markers, they tried to make the shirt that John wanted.

Here is the photo Sherry took of the officers making the shirt for John.

Unfortunately, the shirt didn’t really work – but it was the thought that counts!

cops and autism

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After Sherry posted the story and the picture of the officers working on the shirt it went viral.

Then a local designer from Cutting Edge Designs made John his very own shirt! Check John out!

Now, there should be no more meltdowns – John has the shirt he always wanted!

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