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Residents Leave Everyone Speechless After Revealing Petting Zoo Is A Slaughterhouse

Just because something isn’t illegal, doesn’t mean it is okay to do. Like killing animals for their pelts. Fur-Ever Wild offers up-close encounters with gray wolves in Lakeville, Minnesota. On the surface, that sounds good.

Then you hear that you aren’t going to be charged admission, but you do have to ‘volunteer’ and pay for the time you on the petting zoo grounds.

petting zoo slaughterhouse

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You will also have to pay for anything you feed the animals. Fur-Ever Wild is a fur farm where wolf pups are taken from their mothers sooner than they should be.

petting zoo slaughterhouse

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The paying volunteers can then take their photo with them. Tragically, the pups are eventually killed for their fur. In their defense, Fur-Ever Wild claims that the pups are only taken in rare, extreme cases, and they’re pelted after dying a natural death.

petting zoo slaughterhouse

Image Credit: City Pages