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Family’s Missing Pet Pig Found, Promptly Slaughtered At Neighbor’s House

An Arcata, California family was devastated after their pet pig Princess was slaughtered by a neighbor that had agreed to watch her after she got out of her pen.

The Hogan family had raised her from a baby even using a bottle to feed her.

Princess, who had been shown at the fair was a part of the family with her pictures posted online theirs on social media.

Finding Princess

The police were called to take care of the situation but the officer on the scene did not know what to do with the 400 pounds Princess.

When a neighbor of Carrie Hogan (the owner), offered to watch the pig until the proper authorities showed up the officer agreed.

The officer agreed, and the authorities were surprised to find out that the pig had been slaughtered and the meat sold when they returned.

Surprised at the Slaughter

The officer in question was defended by his superiors on the force.

In a public statement, they pointed out they thought they had an agreement with the man to hold onto the pig until the situation was handled.

The Hogan family is in disbelief that the family pet was killed and hope that no one benefits from the killing of their family friend.

Seeking Justice for Princess

The Hogan family hopes to be able to get Princess’ remains in order to keep the meat from being of benefit to others.

The family described the act of slaughtering her after agreeing to keep her until proper authorities arrived on the scene as salvage.

The Hogan’s are looking to pursue legal action against the man in question for killing Princess.

The case has been submitted to the DA who believes that a crime was committed.

Common Occurrence

The Arcata area has livestock and other barnyard animals making the presence of animals wandering a common occurrence.

This appears to be the first time something like this has happened in the area.

The Hogan family is still mourning the loss of their beloved Princess, whose pictures are all over social media with the family.

Animal advocacy groups are getting involved as well.