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Video Of Pet Dog Getting Slapped By Baby Goes Viral For The Wrong Reasons

No one likes to get slapped in the face. What is important is how you react to being slapped. What if you are a dog and you get slapped by a tiny human (and by tiny human, I mean an infant)! Well, sometimes infants don’t know what they are doing and you hope the dog doesn’t try to snip or bite.

As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children not to hit animals – ever. The poor dog in this video is repeatedly hit in the face by an infant while someone is recording the whole thing! It is clear that the dog is very patient and loving – but, no responsible parent should ever let a child do this!

Take a look at this video

One day, this child is going to bet bigger and think it is okay to slap dogs. This isn’t cute and the parents should be ashamed they let it happen (and recorded it).

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