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Video Of Pet Dog And His Response After Getting Slapped By Baby Goes Viral

Children learn at a young age what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad.’ They look to their parents for guidance when facing a new situation. For example, I was out on a jog in my neighborhood last week, when I saw a mother and her daughter waiting outside for the school bus. From a distance, I could tell that they had both seen my coming. As I approached, the woman looked away, but the little girl glanced at me – then she looked at her mom.

Since her mom had turned away from me, so did the little girl. Why not say hello? It wasn’t as if my sweat would have gotten on them from the other side of the street! Most people in my neighborhood are friendly and would have at least waved – but not this woman and her little girl. Some time ago a video was posted that showed a baby hitting a dog in the face.

Take a look at this video

People around the world took sides. Some people thought it was a cute friendship that was blossoming between the dog and the baby. Others were upset that the baby’s parent allowed the child to hit the dog. My son is not allowed and has never been allowed to hit the dog, pull the dog’s tail, or chase the dog.

What message does that send to the child and to the dog?! I think the parent filming this was lucky that the dog didn’t react and bite the child! Dogs are not punching bags, teach your children to respect them, not to mistreat them. Share away, people.