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Police Left In Tears After Discovering 407 Dogs In The Largest Dog Fighting Bust In History

This is reportedly the biggest undercover best ever. Dogfighting is a brutal and cruel thing. It is also illegal in many places, but it still happens.

After over a year of investigation and the coordination of federal, state and local officials more than 400 dogs were rescued from a life of dog fighting!

The Humane Society of Missouri will go down in history for this!

Several of the people responsible have been arrested.

Nearly 60% of the dogs rescued were restored to health and now have the opportunity to find loving homes.

The video below is disturbing and may not be suitable for everyone.

Some of the top blood lines that are used to breed dogs for fighting have now been taken!

Take a look:

This is a serious blow to dog fighters! A big HIGH FIVE to all the people involved in destroying this dog fighting ring!

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