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Pet Chipmunk’s Funny Reaction After Seeing Fresh Bedsheets Is Just Too Adorable To Miss!

It is not every day that you get such a good look at a chipmunk. Normally, you see them dash across your driveway or the street before you realize what it was! This video is going to be the best 90 seconds of your day! It features a chipmunk (with full and chubby cheeks) who seems to be thoroughly enjoying the freshly laundered bed sheets!

I have seen cats and humans enjoy the fresh, clean aroma of bed sheets – but never a chipmunk! Please do not rush outside and try to bring in a chipmunk of your very own. Leave the cuteness outside. Chipmunks are wild animals – not pets.

Take a look at this video!

We don’t know the backstory of this chipmunk, so, we don’t know how it ended up living indoors. If you want a pet – get cat, dog, hamster, or gerbil – they are cute too!

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