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People Think Dad Has Been Bringing A Fake Dog To Work. Then Dad Comes Up With A Loud Plan

Chester is hard-working – um, well, wait. Let me clarify. Chester is a dog an 8-year-old German Spitz to be exact. He does go with his owner to work every day, but, Chester does very little actual work. One of Chester’s favorite activities, according to his owner and the sign – is sleeping.

fake dog at bookstore

Image Credit: Imgur

So, a better way to start this story would be to say that Chester sleeps (a lot)! Chester’s owner, Marcus Colleran, works at the Drama Book Shop in New York City. He and Chester go to the shop each day.

fake dog at bookstore

Image Credit: milfordcp / Instagram

Chester has his own spot in the store – on the counter, where he, you guessed it sleeps. A lot of the customers who see him think he is a stuffed dog. So, his owner put up the green sign to let people know that Chester is really a real dog!