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The Terrifying Reason Why People Shouldn’t Feed Bread To Ducks

We generally see people sitting near a body of water with bread. They throw the bread to the ducks, geese, pigeons, or other birds. Seems like a nice gesture. You can get rid of your old bread and help the birds from being hungry. BUT, there are some good reasons why you shouldn’t feed bread to ducks – read on to find out why.

bread and ducks

Image Credit: Elliot Brown / Flickr

The bread we buy in the stores today is okay for humans – but not birds. The carbohydrates in the bread do not offer much in the way of nutrition. The highly-processed carbs can mess up a bird’s health too.

bread and ducks

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If the birds live in an area where there are a lot of people, they become dependent on people for food. They stop trying to find their own food and live off of human food.

bread and ducks

Image Credit: Pixabay