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Here’s A Terrifying Reason Why People Should Never Release Balloons In The Sky

Helium balloons are hard to keep track of. Have you ever lost one while transporting it from the store to your car? Perhaps your child has let a balloon or two go while out at a fair or carnival. Do you ever wonder about those lost balloons? How far did they travel? Did they ever pop and fall to earth?

Balloons Blow is an organization that gives the public information about how destructive those lost balloons really are to the environment and to wildlife. Check out the guide they made that shows just how harmful lost balloons can really be.

This guide was posted on Balloons Blow’s Facebook page on March 29, 2017. They want Cullman County, Alabama ban intentional balloon releases. One helium balloon can travel thousands of miles before falling to earth and polluting places and harming wildlife.

Some animals may ingest the balloon and become seriously ill. The balloon could cause a blockage in the animal’s intestines and lead to death.


Image Credit: Max Pixel