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When You See What These People Are Doing To This Poor Giraffe? I’m All Tears

When you think of a giraffe – do you imagine them roaming the plains and savannahs? Or taking a dip in the water? We know they have to drink water, but do giraffes know how to swim? The baby giraffe in the photo below got trapped in some fast-moving flood waters in Kenya.

According to reports, the giraffe had been battling the swirling water for several hours. Locals decided that they need to help her before it was too late. Men, women, and children all pitched in and saved her!

According to the USA Today, the giraffe is facing extinction!

In 1985, there were an estimated 155,000 giraffes, but in 2015, there were only approximately 97,000. The wild giraffe population has shrunk by 40% in recent years, and the main reason for the decline is habitat loss. We need to take better care of this earth before we humans become extinct!

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