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People Are Going Crazy – Paying $2,000 A Pair For Chickens That Hatch From These Eggs

How much would you pay for eggs? You can get a dozen eggs for about a dollar at some stores, if you want local, farm raised, cage-free eggs, you may have to shell out up to $4 a dozen. The eggs you find at a local farm may be blue, brown, or even sort of green in color. There are some eggs with black shells that people are willing to pay $2,000 for – and you would only get two eggs!

The reason is that the chicken inside the egg is the exceptionally rare black chicken. The black chicken is from Indonesia, and they have a genetic mutation called Fibromelanosis which makes their skin black – but they are healthy in every way, they are just all black (even their bones and their meat is black)! Ayan Cemani has shared the video below to show us just what a black chicken look like.

Take a look!

These chickens are black – inside out! So while some people are terrified, others can’t wait to buy a pair. What do you think?

Let us know and share away, people!