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Rescued Dog Can Count And Spell Her Name

Penny the puppy was adopted into a shelter when she was found traipsing alone on the streets.

Though she moved from one family to another, people didn’t realize how brilliant she was until she was permanently adopted by a woman named Leonora Azaldua.

Previous owners of Penny’s didn’t play with or entertain her, and in her absence of friends, she began entertaining herself.

Luckily, when Penny joined Leonora’s family, she began to learn commands.

In the receptiveness of Penny, Leonora began to realize the intelligence of her little pup.

It took Leonora three attempts to teach Penny how to sit before she mastered it, and as Leonora moved into more advanced commands, Penny was able to learn them with ease.

At eight months old, Penny the master of many dog tricks.

Leonora was surprised, so she was interested in how she could interact with her dog in an even greater capacity.

Leonora bought some block betters and decided to see whether Penny could recognize shapes.

Indeed, Penny could! Penny could identify the As from the Bs to the Cs, and eventually, Penny could even spell out her name!

We have Leonara to thank for the mental development of Penny.

You never know how receptive and intelligent an animal is until you interact with and nurture them.

Penny’s story is one that is beautiful, and though she is small, she is capable of big things!

See Penny cute smile and watery eyes as she performs her tricks in the video below.

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