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Little Penguin Sees His Best Friend Coming And Just Can’t Contain His Excitement

You are about to meet Cookie, the penguin. Cookie, a Little Penguin or a Fairy Penguin, is the mascot of the bird house at the Cincinnati Zoo. The video below was taken by a guest keeper in 2013. It shows just how cute and adorable penguins can be.

Most of us don’t get to see this side of penguins. I thought it was cute that she called and called to Cookie and he just stood there! Reminds me of when I call my dog, she stands there – it has to be her decision to come!

Wait until Cookie gets to say hello to the keeper in the second room! Who knew that a penguin so small could make so much noise!

Take a look at this video!

The noises he makes clearly show he is a happy little penguin. You can follow Cookie on Facebook to keep up with all his adventures!

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