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They Bring A Dog To Prison, And He Takes Off Running — But Where Is He Going?

Some prisons have programs that allow prisoners to train dogs for various tasks. One dog a yellow Labrador, named Pax, who ‘graduated’ from a training program at a prison now lives with Iraqi veteran Bill Campbell. Campbell lives near the Bedford Hills Correctional facility where Pax was trained.

In this video, Campbell is taking Pax back to the prison Why – you ask? Because Pax absolutely loves the woman who trained him! Pax gets to go back and see his trainer to say hello! The video below was shot during the emotional reunion. It is amazing to see the love Pax has for his trainer! Pax knows exactly what is going on!

Take a look at this video!

Pax was thrilled he makes a mad dash toward his trainer! She runs to him too! It is hard to say who is more excited! Share away, people!