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Couple With Down’s Syndrome Married For 25 Years Shares Unconditional Love Against All Odds

It’s often considered cliche to think that love can conquer all obstacles.

For relationships, this certainly isn’t the case.

However, there are some couples who find true love and are able to overcome struggles and obstacles that many other relationships would crumble under.

Paul and Kris Scharoun-DeForge know the power of love first-hand. Paul and Kris, ages 54 and 58 respectively, were both diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome in their early years.

The couple has been able to overcome many different challenges because of their strong devotion.

They are believed to have the longest marriage for a couple with the condition.

The couple sealed their fate 25 years ago.

The magic hasn’t stopped as their bond grows stronger with each passing year.

In fact, Kris and Paul have been an inspiration for many other couples.

Their love story is something out of a fairytale.

The couple met 30 years ago at a dance, and the attraction was immediate.

Kris described the moment as love at first sight.

The romantic couple makes a big deal out of Valentine’s Day each and every year.

Kris creates a hand-crafted card and waits for her husband to return from work.

The couple attends a romantic dinner complete with tasty desserts.

They cherish each moment spent together.

Their Valentine’s Day of 2018 brought about something even more special.

It was the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary.

This Valentine’s Day was proof that their marriage was something special.

Many people had doubted that people with Down’s Syndrom had the capacity to be in a complicated relationship.

The couple continues to remain strong together despite their unique struggles.

Paul has recently been struggling with early-stage dementia.

This is an illness common among individuals with Down’s syndrome.

Although he has been moved to a special care facility, Kris has not left his side.

Kris and Paul have a 25-year history of successfully overcoming any obstacles that life can conjure up.

They know that as long as their love is alive, their relationship will endure through trials and tribulations.

It does not matter what happens externally.

This trust in their love is inspiring and sacred.

Even with Paul’s dementia, the couple will continue to allow their love to be the guiding light in their lives.

Every relationship could learn something truly meaningful from this lovely story.