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Patient Under Anesthesia Gets Flirty With Handsome Nurse, As She Begins To Plan Their Wedding He Can’t Stop Cracking Up.

Being under any time of anesthesia or heavy pain medications can be quite liberating – or embarrassing! We have seen a few funny videos of people talking after just having been under! Oh, the things they say! It is as if all controls over their mouth have been removed and they just let it all out!

Here is the latest installment and you are going to laugh yourself silly! The patient starts off by telling her nurse that she is in love! She has broken a bone and is on some pain medications. I am not sure she even knows his name before she tells him that they are getting married!

Take a look at this video

She is just blown away by his looks, and she sings to him too! The nurse, Luke, takes it all in stride! Luke, laughs and predicts that the video will go viral. He was right! This is hilarious!

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