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They Return To Pet Spa To Pick Up Their Puppy, But Staff Say He Escaped

Can you imagine going back to the pet spa to pick up your pet only to find out that your pet has escaped? Aren’t the people who work at such places supposed to be watching your pet? How could this happen? Brian Cudahy and his fiancée Roxanne Ullman left their pup, Patches at a pet resort in Sacramento.

Then they got the phone call telling them that Patches had run off. He was missing for two weeks. Brian and Roxanne searched. Their hearts were broken. Two weeks is a long time and hope was beginning to fade. But then they got another phone call. This one was a happier call! Patches had been found! Watch the video to see the joyful reunion.

Take a look at this video

It is safe to say that Patches won’t be staying at Sacramento Pet Resort and Spa again! Love happy endings! Share away, people.