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Dallas Pastor Sentenced To Life In Prison After Starving Toddler To Death For Demon Exorcism

A pastor has been sentenced to 99 years in prison for starving a toddler to death for 25 days in order to exorcise a demon.

Image Credit: Dallas County Jail

Aracely Meza, 52, was approached by Liliana and Zenon Aparicio when they had issues with their 2-year-old son Benjamin’s behavior. Meza believed that the boy was possessed by a demon and convinced the Aparicios of the same, saying that starving him would purge the demon and was the only way to save him.

Image Credit: Dallas County Court Records

Meza has been telling others that she has the ability to exorcise spirits and demons for years. When anyone opposes her in congregation, she has reportedly told them that it is the devil speaking through them. She was known for twisting the scripture in order to manipulate and brainwash her congregation. Countless cars would line up for her services.

Image Credit: Dallas Police Department

When Meza realized that the boy was dead, she had prayed to God for a miracle to bring him back to life. The Aparicios took Benjamin’s body back to Mexico to bury him, and while they are not being charged there, they do face negligence charges in America. The Aparicios had been afraid to go against Meza and speak to the police, and being illegal immigrants, they could not look for proper treatment elsewhere.

Image Credit: Twitter

A video showing the resurrection ceremony attempted by Meza and her congregation was presented as evidence to the court, where Benjamin’s body clearly appeared emaciated. Meza was charged with causing bodily harm to a child and sentenced to 99 years in jail.

Image Credit: Facebook

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