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Man Donates Kidney To Friend, Possibly Saves His Own Life

We have all heard stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things and save another person’s life.

In this story, two men saved each other!

As fate would have it, Don Herbert and his wife met Pastor Tim Jones when they heard gospel music playing at a church.

Don had undergone a liver transplant a few months before they met, but now his kidneys’ were failing.

To make a long story short, Pastor Jones offered Herbert a kidney!

It was a one in 20,000 chance – but Jones was a perfect match!

Now here is the miraculous part – when the doctors removed Jones’ kidney, they found an aneurysm – which would have killed him if it hadn’t been found.

Take a look at this video!

You know what this is – karma! Jones did something selfless and in the end, it saved his life!

How often do we hear karma work like this?!

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