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Pastor Brings Home A Stranger’s Baby, Then His Wife Looks Down And Sees The Unthinkable…

Meet Ronnie and Krystal Stewart. The couple started a church in Pasco County, Florida. The new church joined with Metropolitan Ministries to give out meals to the homeless people in the area, free of charge. The homeless were also offered toiletries and clothing. While Ronnie and Krystal were working one day, they noticed two small boys just outside the church.

The parents of the young children would often come for the free food. That day, however, they asked if the Stewarts wouldn’t mind watching their boys for the night. Who would say no?

The Stewarts said that they would be happy to. The next day, the parents and boys were reunited – as planned.

But, as it turned out a social worker had determined the boys couldn’t stay with the parents any longer. The parents reached out and asked if the Stewarts would look after them for a while.