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Parrot’s Looking Outside The Window, But His Reaction To The Piano Is Priceless!

Parrots are good talkers and are famous for their tendency to pick up and repeat phrases and sounds they hear around them. Some even have a little extra talent in them! Ollie the American Gray Parrot, for example, has quite the musical skill.

At first, the parrot is just watching the world go by outside of the window, but then one of his owners begins to play a song on the piano. It’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”, a suitable cheery tune! The bird definitely seems to enjoy it as he gently clucks along. But then as the song plays on, the cute parrot begins to whistle back the tune in a perfect repetition of the piano.

What beautiful music! Take a look!

Ollie is so incredibly talented, and he listens carefully to each melody line before singing along. He could sell out concerts with a voice that lovely, don’t you think?

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