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2 Parrots Hilariously Break Out In Song While Being Interviewed On Live Television

Two stars were born this morning on live television.

Interviewer Jake Hamilton was filming live for Fox 32 Chicago’s morning show when two ladies took the show over by breaking out into song.

“These girls sang their way through my live shot – and became the stars of the morning show,” he said.

These two ladies happen to be parrots. Rather than just talking, as expected, these two had music on their minds.

Not only was their singing very impressive, the choice of songs will surely put a smile on your face.

The feathered ladies offered up La Cucaracha and Old McDonald, with one of the parrots quacking like duck.

People who were there enjoyed the experience of some light hearted fun and the two parrots were having a good time entertaining.

In fact many people have enjoyed these two remarkable parrots with over 10 million and counting having watched their video.