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Parents With Padlocked House On Property Reveal They ‘Keep’ Their Twins In There

In 2008, when Samuel and Jacob (twin brothers) were two years old, they were diagnosed with severe autism.

The boy’s parents, Mark and Annie Montague, feared something was wrong when the boys were infants because the twins didn’t communicate or show any emotions or expressions.

Not something any parent wants to hear.

As they got older, the boys became more and more destructive. Samuel and Jacob would escape over the chicken wire and high fence in the yard.

In school, the twins were strapped to wheelchairs to keep them contained.

The boy’s parents, Mark and Annie feared that the boys would have to be institutionalized.

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Then they found the Son-Rise Program, an intensive one on one homeschool program.

The family even hired a nutritionist to help with the boys’ diet too.

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