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Parents Grab A Camera To Prove What Their Dog And Baby Do Every Day (Video)

Dogs and kids can provide us with hours of entertainment. The excitement and fun only increases when you put dogs and kids together! Any child who grows up in a house with a dog (or a cat) is a lucky kid! Some of my favorite childhood memories involve our pets. In the video below, we meet Pumpkin, the Shetland sheepdog, and her human brother.

The two are BFFs and love to hang out with each other! It doesn’t take much for fun to begin! It looks like the two friends are enjoying a rousing game of tag! Pumpkin is doing most of the running, but that is okay with him! His human brother is doing his part in keeping the game going!

Take a look at this video!

Round and round they go – what is certain is that they will both sleep well this night!

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