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She Never Gave Up On Her Paralyzed Cat, Instead She Helped Him Try To Walk Again

Did you take swimming lessons when you were a kid? I did. But, I never liked swimming all that much. Then there was the deep end. They always made us dive in – head first! I was always glad when that part was over. Swimming is actually very good exercise and is used for many types of therapy too. Mog, Veronica Ashworth’s cat, was hit by a car.

The accident left Mog with severe nerve damage in his front legs. Veronica was told that Mog wouldn’t ever be able to walk normally again. Never say never! Veronica wasn’t willing to give up hope and tried swimming therapy to help Mog. Even though most cats don’t like water, Mog is dealing with it. In the video below you will meet Mog and Veronica.

Take a look at this video!

Ten weeks after starting water therapy, Mog was (as you may have already guessed) has made dramatic improvements!

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