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His Child Starts Vomiting Uncontrollably. Then Dad Sees What The Worker Did To His Kid’s Lunch

Peanut butter on grilled cheese? The Panera Bread in Natick, Massachusetts served that sandwich to John Russo’s daughter after he told them that she had a peanut allergy. Wait, what? Who gives peanut butter to a child with an allergy to peanuts? A person who does not speaks fluent English. Russo’s 6-year-old daughter started to vomit after taking a few bites of the sandwich.

She was airlifted to the hospital and given a shot of epinephrine and will recover. Russo is now suing Panera Bread. He is claiming that they engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices. It would seem that the cook that day saw the words “Peanut Allergy” on the lunch order and thought that meant to add extra peanut butter to the sandwich.

Take a look at this video

Restaurants should take more care about who they hire to work in the kitchen. Allergies are not something to play around with. Share away, people.