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To Score Pain Killers At Veterinarian Offices, Sick Addicts Purposely Harm Their Pets

This is quite disturbing. Pet owners (if you can even call them that) are now intentionally injuring their pets to get pain drugs for themselves. Tramadol has become a popular drug for addicts. When these cruel people intentionally torture their dog or cat, the vet prescribes Tramadol. The animals never see one pill. Veterinarians are now on alert.

One woman Heather Pereira, 23, was arrested in Elizabethtown, Kentucky when her dog needed stitches twice in one month. The doctor became suspicious. Pereira was sentenced to four years in jail. Tramadol is much less expensive that oxycodone and is easier to get – from the vet.

Take a look at this sad image


Image Credit: AJC News

The sad part of this is that the pets are tortured and never get any pain relief. Thankfully, veterinarians are now aware of this scheme.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]