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Dog Sitter Films Hilarious Movie While Owners Are Away

When you go on vacation what do you do with your pets? You have some options.

You can take them to be boarded.

Some boarding places are actually quite nice.

They have cameras so you can check up on your pets.

But, still it isn’t home, and that may be quite hard on your pet.

So, you can hire a pet sitter.

The person may stay at your home while you are gone or just come in a few times a day to care for your pet.

Skylar’s parents hired James as their dog sitter.

James is quite awesome!

He is truly a master and created this video of his adventures with Skylar.

Take a look at this video

The video is called “Dog Story Of A Man’s Best Friend.”

I’m sure you were impressed when you watched this, and you may even want James to come watch your dog!

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