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Owners Decide To Euthanize Dog Just Because He ‘Won’t Play’

If your puppy is sad and lethargic – do you turn him in to be euthanized? NO! Good Lord people!

One puppy was given to a shelter in Cape Town, South Africa for this very reason. Simba wasn’t just sad, he was very sick.

Thankfully, the doctors examined him and found out he had tick fever.

The video below was made by Sidewalk Specials, a South African organization that helps to rescue stray or injured dogs in South Africa.

Simba is now on medication and hopefully will find a better, more loving forever home soon.

Watch the video below to see what a happy, healthy Simba looks like!

Take a look at this video

If your dog has no interest in playing or interacting with you – take them to the vet, there is something seriously wrong with them!

Be a smart pet owner! Euthanasia is not the first thing you try!

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