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Owner Tells His Dog To Shut Up After They Leave Dog Park – How She Responds Is Epic

If you take your dog to the park, they will have the best time! They may have trouble leaving – I mean, they are having fun and don’t want the fun to end. The dog in this video is named Felony and she has just spent time at the park with dad. Clearly, the fun ended way too soon in Felony’s opinion, and she is complaining to dad as he drives her home.

Felony’s dad goes by the name fgemellaro on YouTube is not happy about hearing all her complaining. But you can tell from his voice that he is having fun with her temper tantrum! Felony actually looks like she is pouting – but dad said it was time to go home, so, she has no choice. But, that isn’t going to stop her from complaining about it!

Watch Felony get sassy with her dad below!

This is hilarious, won’t you agree?!

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