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Owner Tells Dog He Gave His Treats To The Cat. Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Dog’s Comeback

Do you talk to your dog? You don’t expect there to be any sort of response though, right? Well, sometimes, depending on what you say, your dog may come back with the best reaction ever. Most of us won’t have our cameras handy when it happens though!

dog treat

Image Credit: YouTube

The owner in this video did have his camera ready when he captured a hilarious reaction from his dog – and then he decided to add a voiceover to make it that much more entertaining. The man is teasing his dog about food – maple bacon!

dog treat

GIF Credit: YouTube

The reaction the dog gives may not have been that astonishing, but you add the words, and it is quite funny if you like this sort of thing. Take a look at this video

Men being goofy with their dogs – I will take this any day! It is better to see this silliness rather than read a sad story. Share away, people!